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    We are in no way responsible for, nor do we endorse the quality, content or credibility of any product or service promoted by our advertisers and/or indexed within the Shop Reach search directory. We will, however, try our best to maintain the highest level of integrity possible by reviewing each site, product and/or service that is eligible for indexing and/or to be advertised within this site. Our goal here is to offer a well-rounded, yet discerning, shopping research environment.

    We do not guarantee a secure environment from any site advertised and/or indexed within Shop Reach search directory. If you decide to purchase any product or service from a website you found through our search directory and/or saw advertised then you do so at your own risk without liability to Shop Reach and its owners, employees, etc.

    We are not responsible for, and without limit to the stated, the lack of transfer or personal injury of a product or service that was purchased from one of the sites promoted by our advertisers and/or indexed in our search directory. We will not be held accountable in any way with regards to, but not limited to, advertisers, vendors, franchisers making use of any company's registered or unregistered trademark, service mark, or logo in any case, whether justified or not. In case of a law suit drawn by you - against one of our advertisers and/or indexed sites...(vise versa) then we are in no way responsible for any type of damages, financial or otherwise, endured by you or by our advertisers and/or indexed sites or any other entity resulting in law suit for any reason. Although, If you do have a problem with one of our advertisers and/or indexed sites, please lets us know at with the problem you experienced. If we receive five or more legitimate complaints within a years time or within the period of an advertiser's campaign then we will discard their advertisement and/or search directory listing. If you have any questions about this disclaimer then please direct them to:

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